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When it comes to our Preparation, we will make sure that none of your property gets damaged.

We will move what needs to be moved to gain access to what we are doing, and then we will cover it up with our Plastic Sheeting.


As for the floors, we will also cover this over to make sure that no damage is caused.



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When it comes to the Interior of your home, we will do the best possible job no matter what the request






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We are experianced in using a wide range of wallcoverings, whether they are finished patterned papers or paintable.


  • Woodchip

  • Lining Paper

  • Pulps

  • Washable

  • Vinyl

  • Anaglypta

  • Embossed

  • Blown Vinyl

  • Hand Printed



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We specialise in properties that's had a complete refurbishment from other trades such as new plastered walls and new woodwork. As well as properties that just require a complete fresh re-paint ready for re-sale.





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